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Wedding Band

A high school band in Texas decided to give tripBoomerang eCodes fundraising a try in spring of 2020. Covid-19 was disrupting schools, sports and everything on the planet. The group could not get together because of social distancing guidelines in the state, so they turned to tripBoomerang's local fundraising rep to seek help.

The group decided to have a zoom meeting where everyone could watch each other as each of them called, sent emails and text messages to contacts and asked for support.

They raised more money than when they sold cookie dough the year before and the best part is they didn't have to deliver hundreds of tubs of frozen cookie dough. They raised over $4,000 in less than an hour, 25% more than what they raised in cookie dough and in less time.

The group continues to reach out to supporters and additional money is still being earned all year long.

High School band

case study: tripboomerang vs cookie dough

Image by Riley McCullough

High School football

case study: tripBoomerang vs discount cards

A high school football team with 80 players was deciding between tripBoomerang and discount cards. They chose to do tripBoomerang because:

Discount cards:

  • $10 profit per card

  • Players required to sell 20 cards each

  • $16,000 total profit


  • $15 profit per eCode

  • 20 eCodes per player

  • $24,000

Discount Cards:

  • Cards must be delivered
  • Supporters generally only buy 1 card
  • Most supporters don't use or lose their cards
  • Limited to local supporters


  • No delivery of eCodes, tripBoomerang delivers them

  • Most supporters contribute more to get more eCodes

  • eCodes never expire

  • Supporters can be from anywhere in the world

  • Supporters come back again for more eCodes, equals more revenue


club soccer

case study: tripBoomerang vs online donations

For several years the soccer club had used an online donation platform. The platform took 20% of the donation and the club earned just over $12 average per donation. Supporters only received a "Thank You" email for their contribution.

Using tripBoomerang, the club not only increased the amount contributed by supporters, they also increased the number of supporters who contributed. The amount raised was close to twice as much as previous years and supporters are still making contributions to get more eCodes. Receiving a valuable thank you gift makes supporters more likely to support again and again.

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