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tripBoomerang Travel eCodes are a great way to:

  1. Raise more money

  2. Spend less time fundraising

  3. Reward your supporters with incredible value


Raise money for fees, registraion, equipment and more.

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PTA's, elementary schools and more can raise money all year.

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Drill teams, marching bands, clubs and others are making more money in less time.


Any group that needs to raise money can use tripBoomerang





How Does It Work?

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Sign Up

Register in minutes with your fundraising rep and get your unique online link

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Share Your Unique Link

Text, email, call or use social media to share your link so supporters can contribute to your group.

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Travel eCodes delivered by email

tripBoomerang takes the hassle out of delivery. eCodes are emailed to your supporters so they can be from anywhere in the world.

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Remind your supporters

Most people you contact will support you, but they often need a gentle reminder, contact them more than once.

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Collect your earnings

Contact your rep to see how fast the money you raise will be delivered.

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Raise money all year

Your campaign doesn't need to end. People travel all year and will want eCodes more and more.

Key reasons to use tripBoomerang

Easy For group to use

  • Online, so no money to collect, or lose.

  • No product to deliver, or get damaged, or lost

  • High return to organization

  • No hidden fees, No upfront costs

  • High value to supporters

  • Worldwide supporters and repeat supporters

  • Build a database of supporters


Great value to supporters

  • Secure link for payment

  • $50 eCode (virtual cash) for every $25 contributed

  • Over 1,000,000 locations worldwide to choose from

  • Best price guarantee

  • Save more money than what is contributed to the group

  • eCodes never expire


EArn more money

  • Many supporters contribute more than the minimum $25

  • Most groups earn more money with tripBoomerang than other fundraisers they have tried

  • 60% return to group

  • Supporters contribute all year, whenever they need more eCodes to travel

  • Average person spends over 12 nights a year in hotels so Travel eCodes can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world


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