How Can I Use tripBoomerang As A Fundraiser?

tripBoomerang Hotel Discount Cards are a great way to reward your supporters with a gift that is much more valuable than the contribution they make to your organization.

Step 1

Invite family, friends, neighbors, anyone, anywhere that you think would support your cause. Our Hotel Cards can be used anywhere in the world by anyone.

Share on social media, through emails, texts or phone calls. Who wouldn't love to save on their travel?

Step 2

Thank your supporters with a gift $50 tripBoomerang Hotel Discount Card they can use to save money on their next hotel bookings. For every $25 they donate, you reward them with a $50 Hotel Discount Card. You earn, they save. The cards never expire so they can use them whenever!

Step 3

You keep $15 for your organization and your supporters have double the amount they give to save on travel.

No other fundraiser gives your supporters so much value. What a great "Thank you " for their support.

Everyone wins!

Lacrosse Teams

A team of 45 players raised over $13,000 in less than 2 weeks

Groups, Teams, Schools, Organizations, anyone that needs to raise money can benefit from tripBoomerang.

Reasons to use tripBoomerang:

1. No commitment, only pay for hotel cards when someone makes a donation.

2. No minimums. We just want to help. Need to earn a few hundred $'s or thousands of $'s, tripBoomerang can help.

3. No product to deliver, we delivery the cards for you.

4. Repeat supporters. Once a supporter has used all their discount cash, they will want to get more.

Start earning money today, easy to get started, easy to earn.

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