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Creating an account is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. When you enter your code, you will have virtual cash to reduce the cost of your hotel bookings.

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Over 1,000,000 locations worldwide

We have the same inventory as other online public sites with the same pricing, but our virtual cash cards reduce the price. Over 2 million users have trusted our platform for over 14 years.

Top brands from everywhere.


Save up to 70%

The cash you put in your account will reduce the price of the hotel you select. Hotels vary in the amount they allow, but you will always be cheaper than other public sites, guaranteed!

Average savings of $30 per night

What Are tripBoomerang Hotel Discount Cards?

  • When you add the virtual cash from your hotel card to your tripBoomerang account, this cash can be used to reduce the retail price of your hotel bookings on

  • Your virtual cash reduces the price of the hotel by as much as 70%, depending on the parameters of your search and hotel availability.

  • Whether a hotel allows you to apply a few dollars or hundreds of dollars (based on the balance in your account), we guarantee you will pay less with tripBoomerang than other public online sites. (Our users save an average of $30 per night on bookings).

  • The best part is you can always add more hotel cards to your account for greater savings, and they never expire so you can use them when you need them.

Tips To Get The Most From Your Cards

  • Be flexible in your choice of hotel. We have great savings at all hotels, but some offer greater discounts than others. When you absolutely have to stay at a certain hotel, the chances of finding the best deal are reduced, BUT, the same 110% guarantee still applies.

  • Peak travel times can reduce the chance for the greatest savings. Hotels often have less deals in peak travel times. We still guarantee the lowest prices, but we have found the largest discounts are non-peak travel times.

  • The largest savings are usually found in prime tourist locations as well. Small out of the way hotels in remote locations rarely offer large savings, but as we said before, our 110% guarantee still applies.

  • Even if the hotel you choose doesn't allow the entire balance in your account, you can always use the remaining balance on another booking. Your virtual cash never expires.

  • Reduce cost of retail pricing

  • No blackout dates

  • No restrictions

  • Add multiple cards to your account

  • Over 1,000,000 locations worldwide

  • Save on hotels, car rentals and more

  • Cards never expire

  • A+ rated by the BBB

  • Save up to 70% off retail

  • Average savings of $30 per night compared to other online public sites

  • 110% guaranteed cheapest price

Key Benefits

How Do I get tripBoomerang Hotel Cards?

  • Our cards are used as incentives and rewards by businesses, fundraising groups and organizations.

  • Contact us and we can help you find a great business or organization you can connect with to receive cards.

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